Invitation 010

Invitation card's dimension: 23,5cm x 9cm

It insists of an envelope of 300 gr., an invitation card of 300 gr. and a reception card of 300 gr.

The printing on the outer side of the envelope of monograms, drawings and the guests’ names, for the particular invitation card, is included in the price.


Minimum quantity: 100 pieces.

Pieces Price
100 to 200 1,30€ + VAT 23%
201 to 300 1,20€ + VAT 23%
301 + 1,10€ + VAT 23%

The printing of a reception card costs 0.07€+VAT 23% per piece.

In the case that you enter a quantity of fewer pieces than the minimum quantity, the cost per piece is estimated at 0€ and the order is not executed.

Choose Invitation
Names Printing (optional) €0,25
Reception card (optional) €0,09
Invitation Card (min: 100pcs) €0,00

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