Invitation 004

Invitation card's dimension: 26cm x 9cm

It insists of an envelope of 300 gr., an invitation card of 300 gr. and a reception card of 300 gr.

Additionally, the printing on the outer side of the envelope of monograms, drawings and the guests’ names, is possible.



Minimum Quantity: 100 pieces

Pieces Price
100 to 200 1,30€ + VAT 23%
201 to 300 1,20€ + VAT 23%
301 + 1,10€ + VAT 23%

The printing of monograms, drawings and the names of all the guests costs +0,20 € +VAT 23% per piece

The printing of a reception card costs 0.07€+VAT 23% per piece.

In the case that you enter a quantity of fewer pieces than the minimum quantity, the cost piece is estimated at 0€ and the order is not executed.

Choose Invitation
Invitation Card (min: 100pcs) €0,00
Names Printing (optional) €0,25
Reception card (optional) €0,09

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